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S by Vasilikos Lukas

Silence Speaks Volumes by ThroughTamsEyes

Week 17

I am so far behind… I nearly despair of catching up. LOL!

Hopefully (again), I will catch up over the next couple of weeks.

…instead of losing someone, losing the innocence of thinking you were important to begin with hurts more…

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Tell Me Who You’re Thinking Of by ThroughTamsEyes

Week 13

This one is #LyricallyInspired … And I hope you like the song I have associated it with.

Song: Lights by Battle Me And The Forest Rangers – http://ift.tt/1G2u7Ol


I see you out there on the wall
Say you’ll jump instead of fall
Thinking this is all you are
Sinking ships ‘n’ shooting stars
Saying this is who we are

Tell me who you’re thinking of
Out there beyond us all
Taking pictures on the wall
With heavy hands and static balls
Saying this is who we are

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Present Arms by ThroughTamsEyes

Week 8

I am posting this one a little late because I wanted it for today.

Thank you. Thank you to all of those who have served, are serving and will serve.

Thank you to my grandfathers, who both served in WWII, one in the Army, one in the Air Force. Thank you to my uncle for his service in the Marines. Thank you to my other uncle and cousin for their service in the Air Force. Thank you to my friend who is serving in the Air National Guard.

I salute you, as well as I can being a civilian. Thank you.

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