Inception – a good film ruined by awful acting

I watched Inception on Sunday (that Wikipedia link contains somewhat spoilers by the way). I’d like to watch it again on DVD this time. Although I have no idea what actors like Ken Watanabe (whom I highly recommend for acting chops) are doing drifting through movies – they should probably pick scripts a bit more nicer). Anyways, to keep it simple here’s what the movie is all about in terms of what I think:

  • before watching the movie it would be nice to read up a bit on the heist genre
  • reading up a bit about lucid dreams is also recommended but not mandatory
  • understand that the premise of the movie is simple – an idea, once implanted, evolves organically and takes forms based on the subject who then internalizes and owns the idea
  • don’t think too much about “shared dreaming” as well has the levels of dreams

While I don’t think too highly of the script because of the lot of inane dialogues, I like the well thought out execution of a reasonably complex subject. There are certain aspects that will mess this movie though – especially if it gets translated or, sub-titled. It will not go down well. That is for sure. The other part is that in spite of the care taken for the treatment and cinematography (for example, Cobb’s dreams have this dreamy light when seeing family and, the stark light when going through his dream-world created with Mallorie) the acting is awkward and awful. There is this forced feeling when talking which makes it a very stuttering movie to watch.

That thing about a pair of jeans

I have a favorite pair of jeans. A pale blue number that has been with me for a while. Amazingly enough it seems to be the most comfortable pair even though it has a twin which, although not a bad fit, isn’t the same thing. Since I was immensely bored in the morning today I decided to go window shopping – for a couple of shirts, a pair of formal trousers (I have two safe colors – dark blue and gray) and, if possible a pair of jeans. The last one needed to be pale blue with just a light touch of fade. Turns out that I did not get the shirts, the trousers and, strangely not even the jeans.

I saw and felt a large number of jeans. Must have been 50 at least. Which is terrific given that I am a “Can you show me that one – Yes, I like this – Do you have it in the size I want” kind of shopper. Runa doesn’t like that, but that’s how I have shopped till date. Coming back to the jeans, it is simply unbelievable that in this day and age you cannot find a pair of classic pale blue jeans that don’t have some kind of a design (scratches, embroidery and what not) on them. Whatever happened to the classic cut ? Even the so called classic retailers like Levis and Wrangler have no idea about what a pale blue jeans means. This, when i was wearing my favorite pair and, repeatedly asked them to show me something equivalent.

I must have been in some retail hell anyway.