Joining the dots…

Now I was trawling through my blog feeds early today and ended up going on to these two links. Time and again runab has sat down in peals of laughter about advertisements which are just too crackpot to be cooked up by a single advertising agency soul. Now, off the top of the head, here’s a list of what bothers me nowadays:

o The Apache bike copy/tag lines like Chase skirts now.. : wonder which dumbhead thought it up (however I would not be surprised if it snags an award)
o I tend to dislike advertisements which either paraphrase or cleanly use current Bollywood Fim numbers as a background score, the Bajaj Advertisement (for some platinum range of their bike) takes the cake by using a completely irrelevant score.
o The BSI advertisements on Doordarshan. Our Grand Old Lady of The Tube seems to have penchant for ending up with an unique collection of the brainless of the braindead advertisements. Asking Tansen if the instrument is certified is as near to copywriter’s block as you can get.
o Now there is this Zayed Khan (some say he is the current hottie) advertisment asking people to use their mouths properly. Ahem !! Come again.

Why would/should an advertisement require a roaring background score ? If at all why can it be not something that sticks to the brand. Airtel has a sticky score, so does Malaysia and also did Cathay Pacific (‘There’s a new day dawning…’) or even British Airways (which used a score more recognised as Yanni’s Aria at the Acropolis). The advertisements today either don’t have stories or have age-old stories where a bar of the proper detergent is the bottleneck between promotion and dishonor. Come on, we did have the Fevicol ad only around a year back.

FM Stations and books

Anita Bora writes about FM stations and so does Sukanya which finally prodded me onto getting a post on the state of things. Frankly, the inanity of the RJs sometimes hilarious also provide some entertainment for someone who has only books for company. I like the Rainbow FM (which is perhaps the AIR FM) for the nice collection of music it plays on Sundays especially evening. And if one is listeing to Radio Mirchi (Sakkath hot magaa…) then the hilarity of the questions in the broken Kannada I manage to comprehend (thanks to Learn Kannada in 30 days which I have been reading for the past 45 days) leaves one stunned. Of course there is “Sleeveless Sarsaa” to begin with…If you don’t have a music system (I do not) or a TV (again I do not) and want to take a break from reading books or working on the computer then FM does provide the correct dose of inane peek into the current trends in nearly everything. Why last night there was someone with a sultry voice going by the name of “Dr Love” who dished out dating advice (thankfully in English) which I am sure would have had runab in splits.

On the state of books – now I have a few pending on the ToRead pile : why does this sound familiar ? While I got my hands on Thug: The True Story of India’s Murderous Cult which might turn out to be a good read. I have just glanced through the first 20 odd pages and the flow of the language is narrative which is sweet. Some details on Thuggee. Currently reading up on Hitler and the Holocaust which leaves only The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich to glance through again. Anyone who has Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer and is willing to lend it for a week do get in touch.