Yippee Ki Yay

For a very long time now I was after The Pillars of the Earth. Had read it multiple times by now but as is usual with me, never did “own” a copy. The fun bit about this book was that I had picked it off a lending library on whim. I still remember that I had gone down to pick up Eye of the Needle and as expected it was not there. On the other hand, there was this book which someone had just returned and was murmuring as “a single sitting read” (short-hand for a gripping tale which just refuses to let you attend to some other task). Intrigued by the word-of-mouth referral and a teasing blurb I picked it up. That was at Gariahat – walked all the way down to Ballygunge Tram Depot to catch a tram home. For whatever reason I had skipped a tram and thus sat down in a near empty coach and started reading. I never did put up me head from the book till my stop came a good hour later and spent the entire evening and night reading it. I had read it on and off for a while, there’s something about the large canvas of human emotions that kept me coming back to it and the characters. Yesterday picked it up as a necessary prelude to reading World Without End. I got hooked on to the earlier book in perhaps the same way I am attached to The Agony and the Ecstasy – there is a grandiose landscape which is tied in together by elements of human nature rather than characters themselves.

As an aside, I watched OSO in bits and pieces taking deliberate care to avoid too much glossing over you-know-what. I’d agree with this review. Other than a vehicle for a well-packaged punch of SRK inanity, the movie is a rehash of Karz which was way ahead of its time when it was released. It is well packaged, has plenty of recursive sp00fs and gags and is a great time-pass but that’s what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

Finally, Nachle (reprise) is too well sung. I don’t have a clue where in the film they have used it, but that track sounds too good to be actually fit in any place.

Update: I am trying to set a routine in terms of diet, sleep and exercise which should take care of the nagging headaches and “brain-pops”. Let’s see how it goes.

The festival of frights

The only thing that puts me off Diwali is that folks spend obscene amounts of money on firecrackers that [a] make too much noise [b] create a smog that causes breathing troubles and [c] create more litter than required. You should have been at our place to see all those 3 things happening. Seriously, who would consider bursting cracker strings at 2300+ hours an enjoyable pastime ? Here are some pictures of our house