Kaminey – a movie to watch if you haven’t been to the theatres in ages and, are hugely bored.

So it shall be written – the deluge of media hoopla around Kaminey (link contains spoilers) make it more than it appears to be.

It isn’t a movie that requires you to think, nor is it a caper. A plain old story done in overtly stylized manner with mannerisms over-used for a obtusely grandiose shoot-out finale, you’d wish that the movie at least did not have that amount of PR to seduce you into parting with pretty pennies. There are characters who are created to have a back-story (the DVD would make a good vehicle to pass through such stories) and, a weak somewhat minor script that does in no way provide any sort of substance.

The lead actors are supposed to be top-notch ones and, I wonder why so much is being made out of a Punjabi girl playing a Maharashtrian character and, finding it tough. If you are top-notch – you are expected to play it like you were born like that. There’s no reason to have hoopla around it.

Stylism is good. Vapid stylistic overtures are so passe.

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An amazing collateral of not having to really “settle” anywhere has been the absence of roots. An addition to the rootless-ness is of course the bereft nature of history. Identity that doesn’t depend on past experiences to relate back to and yet incrementally absorbs present environment to build up reflexes is an implausible condition. What does happen is that the mind refuses to acknowledge the requirement of an archive and, goes on living in the illusion of being easily re-programmable.

It isn’t a strange way to live though. And, it isn’t Groundhog Day either. So in a way it is fun. The downside is that with the lack of background, perspectives suffer

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Of masks and makes

Ever since the office shifted to Magarpatta City (a so-called Cybercity at Hadapsar) it has been a fun ride. The MC administration has funky rules. For example, they check your identity proof, have a look-see around the inside of the car (check the under the bonnet and inside the boot) and, they rummage inside your backpack. It is fun at the best. I am fairly finicky about others mucking around the insides of my backpack and, every day this happens I cringe inwardly. As someone from the office pointed out – they aren’t into cavity searches yet, so there is an upside. Not that all this pretense of security actually does anything, but more on that in another blog.

Those who are reading the newspapers or, following the news-channels would be aware that Pune and Satara are reeling under the invocation of the Epidemic Disease Act of 1897. In a fairly recent development, schools and other institutions have been asked to close down and, malls have been requested to remain closed. The city wears an eerie look these days.

And, there are masks. I doubt Nokia ever realized the value of their N95 model, but looking at the repeated utterings of N95 masks, I am sure they must think that they had something in that name. There are masks of every kind, color, shape and form. And, people are wearing them. Chemists are probably running out of stock faster then can finish their morning devotion to the resident deities. Everybody wears a mask. And, in the meanwhile, the entire notion of self-restriction and self-awareness to be away from all potential sources of exposure goes for a toss.

The smoking zone at the ground floor of the office is fun. Our neighbours are Avaya and, John Deere – loads of their staff come down to smoke. All move around wearing masks save and except the time they have to take a puff. Then it is pull-the-mask-down-have-a-quick-inhale-make-a-quicker-exhale-pull-the-mask-up. A sense of basic hygiene is so alarmingly absent that it would not be surprising if these enclosures become the breeding ground for passing around H1N1.

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Flashbacks of pain

I did finally visit the dentist on Friday and, Saturday to get my teeth looked at and, the tooth yanked out. He turned out to be a young and, chatty fellow with nice patient handling capacities. As was fairly evident, my teeth aren’t the best of their kind and, they do have a mind of their own. For example, I seem to have multiple wisdom teeth coming out – awesome stuff if only they led to any sort of “wisdom”. Anyways, the tooth extraction was an exercise in patience, muscling and, some ignoring of massive pain – the pain that happens when you realize something is being yanked out of the very roots and, requires heavy actions from the biceps.

Lying back in the fancy chair at the doctor (and, pumped to high heavens with local anasthesia) the only thing I could remember vividly was when I had my great-fall-from-the-bus accident. I spent a fairly lengthy hours on the bed before I moved to the hospital and, all I knew was that there was this massive numbness across the length of my body. The numb jaw did manage to bring back stuff I never want to recall in intimate detail.


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