One in 3 | The hand | Yazd | 15:20 – May 1 | #Rooz3in3 I was nominated by @yasaman_dehmiyani to participate in #Rooz3in3 challenge held by @Roozdaily Instagram collective by posting 3 pictures today which are taken in 3 consecutive hours in one day and nominate one photographer in every picture to do the challenge. I call @akbar_alinejad to take part in the challenge. The challenge will end on June 30 من از سوى یاسمن دهمیانی عزيز دعوت شدم تا در چلنج #Rooz3in3 كه توسط گروه روزديلى شروع شده شركت كنم و در يك روز سه عكس كه در سه ساعت متوالى در يك روز عكاسى شده است را در اينجا پست كنم و از اکبر علی‌نژاد عزيز دعوت مى كنم كه در اين چلنج شركت كند. چلنج سه در سه در سي ام ماه ژوئن پايان مى يابد.

by mohammadmeybodi

Afghan refugee children enslaved to work in brick kilns, which they do physically demanding work 11 hours a day, and to move the bricks travels a distance of 7 km long walk on uneven terrain. And to provide this lost energy, potatoes and bread they consume. #Iran#Tehran#outofthephone#hartcollective#helloicp#tiny_collective#1415mp#instagram#shootermag#lensculture#burndiary#burnmagazine#1415IRAN#viiphoto#refugees#everydayeverywhere#MagnumPhotoAwards#Unexpected @lensculture

by soheilbehroozi

A look at life – lived, loved and longed for.


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