Shiny / 12:54, Taking care of the new shoes by Mario Rasso

Plaza de Armas, Lima – Peru / August 2015

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PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 20: (L-R) Luciana Mariscal de Souza, a 25 year-old mexican brazilian and Gaby Huaman Valdivia, a 35 year-old peruvian are both students at Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris, France on November 20, 2015. They were both asked about what has changed for them since the recent terrorists attacks, how has it changed your life? Luciana replied: “It’s strange because it feels like the same but at the same time it’s completely different. For example, at school for example today we had a gathering to talk about what happened in recently with the other assaults in Saint-Denis. We were all scared in the classroom. Life goes on and in your routine but at the same time you have this thing going on. It’s different but what is scary is that you don’t see it. It’s in the atmosphere and it’s tense. If you are on the subway, it’s tense when you see people’s faces. It’s the tension. It could happen again and that’s what’s changed.” Gaby replied, “My life hasn’t changed very much. But I think for french people they are very touched by this situation. My husband, who is very outgoing, he was silent Saturday and Sunday. For me being from Peru, it’s not an unusual situation. We’ve known terrorism in Peru. In the 90’s we knew this situation. For me, it’s not as intense because I have lived through it before.” (Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post) #forwp #parisattacks #france

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