A nice time to write

It is pleasant weather right now. There’s a lazy cool breeze coming in through the windows and the sky is that perfect shade of blue, between azure and egg-shell white.

The only glitch is that something made me wake up very early in the morning and I have not been able to go back to sleep.

Yesterday, we raided Pune Central. And for the umpteenth time I started wondering as to why I get stuck behind d0d0s at the Cash Counter. Speaking of which, the Future Group would require to take a good long look a the number of Cash Counters here. Anyways, out of the 4 counters of Level 2, 2 were in action. In one of them was this group of folks who wanted a trouser length altered in 15 minutes (since we are from Bombay and have to go back) and in another someone decided to choose to speak in English and try to comprehend how much 1110 INR actually is. 10 minutes. All for a measly single item that I wanted to purchase.

From there it was the nice long walk back home with a little stop at CCD near Lane 5. There are 3 CCDs in close proximity on that single stretch of road and all seem to be doing fairly well. Consumerism is strange.

The walk was lovely since we got to see the green leaves on the trees and of course enjoy all those who were returning from playing Holi being drenched in colors (and some bit of intoxicants too I’d daresay).