And then some…

Around 10 days back we moved offices. So, in my 5 years of working here, the number of offices I have worked out of for more than 1 working week are as follows : Boston (once), Delhi (twice), Mumbai (thrice), Kolkata (twice), Bangalore (twice) and, Pune (thrice).

That’s a suitably large number of offices. The moot point is that this time around, for better or, for worse, I ended up being more hands-on (and, consequently, Runa couldn’t escape the dragnet too). Office moves are funny events – a significantly large number of items need to be surveyed, boxed/packed, counted, sent over, unloaded, checked, counted and delivered to appropriate places. The sheer amount of physical activity makes it a nicely cliched “team building exercise”. Not to mention that it makes for a great excuse to clean out drawers and, find out all sorts of stashed away loot.

The bottom-line was that I got reminded of an anecdote from my mis-spent youth. A local gentleman had sagely advised “there will always be folks who will ask you when you start to collect subscriptions and, there will be those who will ask you about the time for the puja. In life, you will always get more of the latter”.

Some quotes are for life.

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Sheer idiocy !

I receive a large number of LinkedIn requests from reasonably sensible folks who do not take the time to modify the standard template to give a personal touch indicating why they want to get in touch. Why are folks so lazy ? Don’t they value the connection ?

I have decided to straight-away reject the link requests. If they cannot take time to be personal, I don’t think they value my time.

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