SMS “BS” to 8888

This post could have been titled anything from being “আজকের দিনেও বই” to “চুলকে দাও না” but that missive to SMS which is strategically placed where the small lane off Pratapaditya Road in South Kolkata intersects Deshpran Sasmal Road sort of sums up the dollops of fun me and have been having at Kolkata. Just as an aside, that SMS bit is part of some real estate development group about their upcoming projects. We came down for vacation and barring the odd nuisance of the community Puja near her house making entry exit difficult, it has been a-fun-quote-a-day. Consider the following:

* On the 6th day of the festivities aka Sashti, we sit in a tram and this lady behind us pokes to ask as to why she was carrying books along on this day too ? For a puzzling 5 seconds both of us were fast processing our neural circuits trying to figure who she was till we realised it was another of those breed of curious cats 🙂

* We went pandal hopping in the vicinity of her house and spots this set of microwave safe half plates which come in set of 3. She asks for two sets – the shopkeeper (who I can bet was not even dreaming about making a sale) blithely tells her that he cannot break a set for 2 pieces. Doh !!

* On that same day a shopkeeper manages to confuse us by asking whether we needed a “top-up” or a “balance recharge” for the Airtel Prepaid phone we were carrying.

* We go to Capital Electronics near Gariahat to get a microwave oven. Smooth sailing ehh ? Well, the sales dude there had no clue about what a “turntable” was let alone it’s diameter. So we finally figure out what to buy, pay for it and ask them to pack it up while we drift in and out of the Pantaloon store on the opposite side. asks the girl at the counter about their lunch hour – a voice that was cutely sing-song says “whenever anyone feels like” or, “যে যখন যায়”. Completely missing the intended query as to whether the shop would be shutter-down.

* The Barisha Club Community Puja has a whole range of stalls amongst which the most popular among the ladies seems to be the mehendi stall. A range of young and old ladies in their finery squat patiently to get designs done. One from the same tribe had done up both her hands and had to howl out to the hubby to scratch her back (the pattern was still wet :P) in the most funniest way possible.

When a film does some rethinking on promotions

After receiving some pretty sad reviews the team of Bhool Bhulaiyya have decided to rejig the promotional bits across television. Instead of the perception of being a comedy gag-a-minute which it pretended to be, the current promotional clips are more aimed at trying to put across teasers of pscyho-horror. Looks like some folks do take their brand communications seriously.

The strangest mails can land up if you subscribe to mailing lists

On a random mailing list that I subscribe to and enjoy reading a link to an article about internet revolution reaching India's poor came up. It is a nice read although similar articles do come up from time to time however this one manages to have insights that are simple worded eg “The economist, Anirudh Krishna, found that many poor Indians in dead-end jobs stay poor not because there are no better jobs, but because they lack the connections to discover such jobs. Any Bangalorean could confirm the observation: the city teems with laborers desperate for work, and yet wealthy software tycoons complain endlessly about a shortage of maids and cooks.

Sooner or later the buzz that is social networking would have found the means to transcend that “desktop elite” and get used by all strata. Makes you think as to why Orkut fans snigger on “elder folks” using it and why social networking niche is the the cool.