Flickr stuff again

Last time I blogged about the absolute stupidity of asking for Paypal in order to upgrade to a Pro account. Today I figured that Flickr has managed to b0tch up at another place. Assume I go to person A’s flickr account, I like the photographs/storytelling and want to put A as a contact so as to track A’s shuttergraphy. What’s the first link I would like to have ? An “Add as Contact”. And where does Flickr have this ? Under the Profile page which is another click away. Terribly sloppy.

Settling in…

Yesterday on IM a good pal stated that I abandoned the Garden City and scooted to Pune :). Well wasn’t too hard to do. Hop step and jump is the name of the game. Filled in for the wife (she’s in Kolkata at home) and got the essentials fixed up – telephone, GSM phone etc. Put the WorldSpace radio in place, tried to arrange the books in the bookshelf and attend to other small tasks. Getting used to staying in a proper house is what it is all called.

Shifting Time

Ah well, it is that time of the year again. I am between cities – this time between BLR and PNQ. So, my telephone # might just not work. If you do want to get in touch with me, drop me a mail at the usual addresses and I am sure to revert back to you.

So what will I miss about Bangalore ? The fact that each day when I went to office, the neighbours spent considerable time and effort in elaborate rangoli in the aangans. The small bit about unlimited vegetarian meals at RR and Nagarjuna (my paunch is ample evidence of how many times I indulged in that activitiy). The unusual bit about nearly never being stuck in the (in)famous traffic snarls – you keep the hours I kept and you will have that experience too. I will miss a good bookstore.

But then, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here’s to good times in Pune. I left for Pune on the 21st and put my stuff into the packers and movers on 20th. Lo behold they turned up on 21st midnight. Coolness. ramkrsna and myself would remember the last official auto ride in Bangalore for some time though 🙂 Deep thoughts expressed by the rash driver – one has to leave the earth someday.

Hiring and retaining talented coders in india

This is the first post of an interesting thread. So we are discussing two things here: Hiring and Retaining and the caveat is that they are discussed in the parameter of talented coders. There is a small blog post here as a reply.

My take on this is kind of simple. Why look at talented coders who are switching jobs as opposed to freshers whom one can groom and hopefully inspire with enough corporate loyalty along side job satisfaction that they are going to be retained ?

Recruiting candidates is slowly becoming an everlasting nightmare and somehow in some weird way resembles booking an air-ticket at the fastest possible time. Good candidates are here-today-gone-tomorrow. And more often than not don’t have the skills to fit really fast into the scheme of things. Freshers on the other hand are a completely different ball-game. One should not expect the freshers to know the latest and the most shiny technology out there, but certainly if the fundamentals are proper and in place, they would (and should) be able to catch up. The sad bit is that most freshers have their fundamentals wrong (and no I am not generalising here). How many times can you hear someone say that “bulbul” sort is a sorting algorithm ? One way could be to expect nothing from the freshers in terms of competence save the very bare necessities and thus be pleasantly surprised. The other way could be checking through the code contributions (if at all) and then taking a fair guess at the depth of knowledge of the fundamentals as well as awareness of how to work collaboratively in a development environment which may well be distributed.

It is a sign of good things that a whole bunch of people can get the chance to switch jobs at will. However, the coolness would be more if one could start off a momentum in training and mentoring people to be good at what they are supposed to be good at through their education.

Whoa !! What’s this ?

I am yet to resolve this bit of oddball behaviour. Today had impulsively decided to get myself a Pro Account on Flickr and thus proceeded with a song in the heart towards the Account Upgrade bit. Lo behold – it renders differently on Firefox, Opera and IE6. To top it all, there the payment bit is linked with Paypal. Now I don’t have a Paypal Account and don’t intend to create one and although the FAQ says that there would be a “Don’t have a Paypal Account” option that will allow me to use the credit card – I don’t see to find one on screen. Worse it just does not accept my credit card without logging in to Paypal. Looks like I will need to use the wife’s Flickr Account from now on..