There has to be a reason I think

There has to be a reason on this earth that I get stuck behind all comical characters at cash counters. Unfailingly.

For a while I had decided that there was no point moaning about it and accepted it as destiny. Yesterday I thought why not try and start thinking about it again.

So, here’s what happened.

We are out shopping for a whole lot of big and small things and had agreed to have iced tea at Dorabjees. Well, it wasn’t Dorabjees branded, but Nestle branded but what’s with this nitpicking ? This was after I was treated (yeah !! this is the week of treats from the best half) to iced Assam+Blackberry Grande tea at Barista. So, while she was picking up stuff from inside the store, I stood outside at the counter to get/haggle/snatch coupons for tea all the while praying that at least a pair of seats are available for us oldies.

I am in queue, 1 person before me. He first asks for idlis … I get the twitch that this is going to be another of those kind of men. Lo behold !! He takes the idli (note the singular) and then proceeds to order-cancel-reorder-recancel-decide-ruminate-relook-rethink-reorder-recancel-order a whole lot of stuff finally ending with those huge chicken legs. Idli with Chicken Leg ? $DEITY have mercy. Anyways, so I smile at the person behind the counter and proceed to place my order. And …

… a young girl (well late teens most likely, but at my age they are young anyways) “sorry”s her way into that constricted space that can never take my right arm, and proceeds to ask about if they have a dozen chicken tikka sandwiches. All nice – she ain’t ordering I tell myself. Hah !! She blurts out that there’s this small point of an auto waiting and can they please warm the sandwiches up quickly.

I put on my gruff voice, ask for my tea coupons and move away. Meanwhile we have a seat and just as I was about to sit down, I steal a glance at the nice melee before the counter. The girl has managed to upset an elderly (elderly compared to me) couple who are mightly agitated and trying to teach her manners. The girl behind the counter is laughing her head off. And we are at a table enjoying huge cups of iced tea 🙂

Fun and malice.

A lovely dinner at a new place

Yesterday evening, took me to a new place called Zaffrani Zing on 7th Lane at Koregaon Park for a treat. The exact location is next to the Naturals Ice Cream Parlor (Gulmohar Garden, North Main Road | 020 26155677 and 09960797797)

Earlier it had a joint called Angethi which was bad to say the least. This place is nicely done up. The sign outside is a bit small and that might be a disadvantage for these folks. The lights are soothing, colors nice and the all black layout of the tables is a real nice touch. It does not allow smoking inside – all the more better.

We ordered Lychee Colada and Vrkshmla Sripal as starter drinks along with Galuti Kebab and Tandoori Machali as starters. While we waited for the starters to come, and I was stealing some glances at the TV (and IPL match was on), we were treated to a small serving of starters on-the-house to make up for the delay. The Galuti Kebabs were subtly spiced and were awesome to taste. The other one had a touch more of sauce than required (I thought so), but that was nicely done as well. If you are planning to share starters, order more than a single serving since the quantity is aimed at the individual than at a group of two.

We moved on to a well cooked, appropriately flavored Nalli Nihari with plain naan and followed it up with a superbly done Hyderabadi Biryani. For dessert with was a Sizzling Flambe Masala Brownie – the masala bit is an unusual addition.

This place is worth a repeat visit. 4 for the food, 4 for the service and 3 for the decor (the lights need to be re-arranged at bit). Prices are a bit on the higher side, but the food quality is worth it all. Just remember that the portions are enough for an individual and not for a pair.

Who are these people ? And why do they do it ?

Have you noticed that of late there are a bunch of folks on various lists and forums who have nothing else to contribute other than “India is such a sorry place” (ok, I generalized the theme, but you do get it).

Why do they do it ? What makes them do these repeated acts of idiocy ? Who are these folks ?