A test for translation

See, see the confused sky
Marvel at its big pink depths.
Tell me, translator do you
Wonder why the pig ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel groggy.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your shmrafbuk facial growth
That looks like
A cheese.
What’s more, it knows
Your bleyak potting shed
Smells of peas.
Everything under the big confused sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm roses.

From the Vogon Poetry Generator via

And along came a judgment

The decision taken recently related to blogs,bloggers and libel as reported by the ToI did cause a lot of concern over Tweeter.

Personally, I haven’t formed a strong opinion on it. I’ve read about the stuff from either side (here’s a summary from one side) and, yet I don’t feel comfortable about the decision.

Libel is, and will always be a serious issue. But, waving the flag of legal censure as a win for earning blog credibility isn’t a good thing to do. On the other hand, I see/hear words and phonemes on national media, from experienced and with credibility folks, descriptions of events and persons that would put a rag to shame.

The article in ToI isn’t too specific. Would be interested to know if the blogger was pulled up for failing to moderate salacious comments or, was it a case of not understanding the way of the Internet.

There isn’t a subject because I could not find one

There are times when you wonder why the plain and simple truth is so confusing to others. Or, when instead of trying to simplify our life, we make it more and even more complicated. Can’t we just be good to others, do our own thing and live this single life that we have as ourselves ?


Of envy, avarice, luxury and rain

Over the weekend I caught a small segment of The Namesake. Somewhere in this blog I had posted a short note from the first time I saw it.

The segment was where Gogol goes (on the day before his birthday) to meet Maxine’s parents at their home and, in the course of a walk on the beach makes a comment about how he envies them since his childhood memories are about strange vacations. Ok, I am paraphrasing it liberally, but that was close to what he said.

Somehow or the other it brought back random thoughts from a lazy college day/afternoon spent inside of a parked bus discussing life and other such grand things with a few friends. It was raining crazily outside and since we had decided not to go to a tutorial, the bus was the next best shelter. Anyway, the bottom-line was that ‘getting away from it all’ was deemed to be a luxury only indulged when one has it all.

Strange that a movie snippet (from a movie that I have seen) should throw out a flashback. Strange more so because I know of at least one of the folks in that bus on that day, who never did manage to get close to it all.

A pretty much well-squared-out movie

Yesterday evening took me to watch LuckByChance – which is the new movie by Zoya Akhtar. It is a pretty well done movie, worth the time and money you spend at a multiplex. So, it would be good to take it in.

To begin with LBC is as much a movie about “Hindi film industry” (I took that off the character played by Dimple Kapadia) as “Rock On !!!” is about the rock scene in India. So, with that patina wiped out, you can sit through the movie, watch the story unfold, take in the cameo appearances and the characters (some a bit loud, some underplayed) and have a generally good time.

Telling that Konkona SenSharma acted well, Farhan Akhtar acted competently is becoming passe. Somewhat like “sun rises in the east”. A given. A particular nit that I have with Farhan’s dialogue delivery is the overpowering throatiness which somewhat resembles Javed Akhtar, but I can live with that. Playing a character as ditsy as the one played by Isha S takes some talent and, she does turn in a nice performance. Not over the top, neither making a mockery of it.

A slight annoyance that I had was that the characters seem to be an amalgamation of various real-life personalities. So, Minty could as well been a blend of 4 or 5 real life individuals and although Juhi Chawla has a blast in it, there are moments where it comes across as she was trying a bit too hard to separate the blend.

The increase in production values of recent movies don’t leave much to bitch and moan about and LBC has sheen and polish that is expected. There are interesting sequences like the opening title sequence or, the last 10 minutes. Don’t miss the last 10 minutes. Even though it is somewhat predictable, the unfolding of the drama is lively and well executed.

Lastly, Shahrukh Khan’s appearance takes the cameo cake. If it was Saurabh Shukla in half01, King Khan does it in half02.