A good movie and a pleasant watch

runab and me went to watch The Namesake. Before we begin, it is a good movie and a pleasant watch although the show was marred by a group of giggling girls and boys who found a whole lot of scenes funny. Kal Penn comes across as a good actor whose face shows the evolving emotions. Competent performances by Irfan Khan and Jacinda Barrett. Tabu’s bengali accent is horrible to say the least and jarring at worst (I assume she did her own voiceover). Good to spend time watching if you are in the mood, don’t bother with the stuff that appears to be totally “Bengali” those are bits you can overlook and yet enjoy the movie. By the way, I doubt 1977 in Calcutta (not Kolkata) had blue colored private buses (those came in a shade over a year back) and there was no The Telegraph (especially no side advertisements on road barricades)

The silence of serene dawns

On some of the days I manage to shake myself awake in the early hours of the morning and look out of the window. The flat offers an nice view on the west/south-west and the fading darkness of the night giving way to dawn is serene by itself. These days there are little fluffs of clouds which flit past rapidly. What is more fun is the slow coming-to-life of the folks around. Curtains are gently pulled back, the workers on the near top floor of the building opposite coming out to the balcony to fiddle around with their brushes, the elderly couple who begin their morning walk around the building complex. Peace lasts for an hour or two before the business of the morning bustle bursts in chaos. Nice time to think and ponder…

The flickering lights of evenings…

On the days I do the stretch from Camp to where I stay I take the road that has the small bridge (over the rail tracks and Zensar etc on the left hand) and the only light that catches the eyes are the flickering lights of the cars on either side of the lanes. The tail-lights of the cars going away from Camp etc flicker a deep red while the approaching ones have their own tempo of an eye-jarring yellow. Dipping and blinking they create their own symphony, swerving across potholes and the oh-so-many scootys it makes for an incredible sight.

An open letter to the editor of the Businessworld magazine

Hi Jehangir,

Your first piece as the editor was nice and the optimism does provide indications of things to come. This letter is intended to re-iterate some small nitpicks which I have been highlighting for long but there has not been much response from the Businessworld team.

  • Make the website compliant with a larger base of browsers. This is an end result of adhering to standards like those mandated by W3C. The website in its current form does not render prettily on Firefox – an open source brower an appears to render considerably differently on Internet Explorer
  • Get a digital version of the magazine out which can be downloaded by subscribers who prefer online versions. I buy the magazine off the newsstand each week but would really love to exchange it for the convenience of a soft copy
  • Fix the issue with subscriptions whereby those who access the site with a login through their corporate VPNs might not be barred from access. Happened in my case since I was using a VPN tunnel through Europe and the site could never figure (and neither could the subscription team) that I was accessing from within India
  • A broader variety of topics in an issue. Issues these days are getting too much specialized with one single item of news


The revenge of the malls…

So we have a new mall in the vicinity from the Lifestyle group. And of course the inevitable has happened. Big cars sprawled all across whatever there was of the sidewalk so that coming back home from the office means a trudge through nearly the middle of the road. I plan to snap some pictures today of this nuisance and put it up. This was expected and was something runab and me dreaded. The next thing would of course be the rise in the excess fare asked by the autorickshaws while returning. We wait for that to eventually happen.

Had an extremely cynical day yesterday and thus a bundle of my conversations (IM, IRC, mailing lists) were caustic enough but this has been happening far too often these days. Need to figure out what makes me cynical. And perhaps taking a vacation would not be the answer since even on vacation I never could switch off my mind from the work or whatever there was around it. Need to begin writing and complete the few incomplete pieces that have been languishing for the lack of love.

Nice movie called Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

Jatin,ramkrsna,runab and yours truly went to watch “Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd” last evening and were laughing ourselves silly. The movie was good enough to be a near laugh riot. Good performances from Boman Irani and Shabana (the worldly wisdom and the comfort level), Raima Sen (she’s playing a character I doubt she has ever experienced in real life), Kay Kay Menon (the quintessential Bengali husband uncomfortable with his own failings and intellectual posturing), Sandhya Mridul (she’s best in the 2nd half) and Amisha Patel (the airhead living in her cloud-cuckoo land). Abhay Deol may turn out to be best one from the Deol production line – he’s smart, carries himself well and is aware of his limitations not to try silly stuff. Between him and Minisha Lamba they were the “uber cool couple”.

Something though was wrong either with the screenplay or there was a massive surgery on the editing table. The characters though unique in their own ways (“all happy families are the same” etc etc) never got built up. So,

  • We never got to understand the craving for a house-of-our-own from Mili (Raima) – unless you are a Bengali that would be pretty difficult or her learning martial arts rather than Rabindrasangeet
  • Sandhya Mridul’s character’s transformation from a very plain person with a specific set of goals to somewhat “forward”
  • The character of Boman Irani’s daughter feeling betrayed at her dad’s second marriage

Whosoever fleshed out the Bengali character here’s hats off to him/her – you did an excellent job. Suggestion – go watch the movie there’s so much more to learn in a marriage and this one does teach stuff very subtly but teach it does and ensures that the message hits home.