The social network that is IRC…

Jun 11 17:03:15 does anyone know how to contact kushal?
Jun 11 17:03:47 mobile’s dead and no one’s answering the home phone.
Jun 11 17:04:54 Someone ought to check if he’s alive then
Jun 11 17:05:09 Last blog talks about being feverish and weak
Jun 11 17:05:31 darn. should have remembered to check blog.
Jun 11 17:06:17
Jun 11 17:06:48 mobile’s been dead over a week. he didn’t recharge before going to germany
Jun 11 17:29:49 i get weird noises if i ring to kushal and it says “error in connection” :-s
Jun 11 17:30:04 is he facing an alien attack ?
Jun 11 17:31:03 teKnofreak: possibly
Jun 11 17:31:07 I hope they don’t …errr… probe him
Jun 11 17:31:38 i will rather find some one to check him at his home
Jun 11 17:32:17 teKnofreak: that would be nice
Jun 11 17:34:56 teKnofreak: he;s still unwell?
Jun 11 17:34:58 tuxmaniac is despatched to check him up 🙂
Jun 11 17:35:13 HereBeDragon, think so, otherwise he would have turned up for work

ps: Kushal is still sick

Ideas and opinions…

Y’day I caught a snippet of the show “Koffee with Karan” where Shilpa Shetty was holding forth on how shocked she was at the tabloid journalism of the Indian press (compared to the British) vis-a-vis her presence on “Big Brother”. One line of her’s did get my attention when she said “[…] and here I was representing India” – now last I checked reality TV shows were not like some national events. Individuals participate in them in order to make a nice pot of money (nothing wrong in that) and it so happens that these individuals are nationals of some country. Since when did this tenuous connection equate with “representing the country” ? This is the kind of air-headed jingoism that prevails and strangely is encouraged.

I suck – big time I might add

I am sick and I know it. And that precise point makes me more sick – knowing what the cause is yet being unable to (or perhaps unwilling to) do a remedy. I have not taken a proper “vacation” for the past 4 years now, not really taken a week off where I really really sleep – and the daily chaos is taking its toll. For a week now the head or rather the brain feels like it is going to explode or pop out of the head and if I could keep it outside my skull for a moment it would be a good thing to do. This sucks…