Have you ever had a moment …

…when in the midst of cheering someone up you just stopped typing for a moment and thought what would you give for someone to cheer you up ? And then realized that typing it out was the catharsis … 🙂


So here I am at BOS tonight …

Reached Boston via Heathrow on a BA flight – check.
Flight started off from BOM a hour late – check.
A/C at BOM airport did not work – check.
Flight was full of Indian folks – check.
Had folks from SWITCH companies in seats around me – check.
Not so good service from BA – check.
Slept for the larger portion of the flight from BOM – check.
Visit Borders books at Heathrow – check.
Wasted time at Heathrow – check.
Had super bad coffee at Starbucks – unchecked.
Landed at BOS – check.
Weather is humid – check.
Hotter than PNQ – check.
Got taxi easily – check.
Card maxed out – check.
Put pictures up on flickr – check.
TZ adjustment in progress – check.

A good speech

I was coaxed by to watch Obama’s speech after the final primaries. The transcript is worth reading.


Bovine crap on television

And in our daily morning quota of bovine crap on television, there was the Hindi part of CNN-IBN (IBN 7 ?) talking about ‘eye-like’ cloud formation in the sky along with phone in from viewers as to whether this is the bearer of bad news