So here I am at BOS tonight …

Reached Boston via Heathrow on a BA flight – check.
Flight started off from BOM a hour late – check.
A/C at BOM airport did not work – check.
Flight was full of Indian folks – check.
Had folks from SWITCH companies in seats around me – check.
Not so good service from BA – check.
Slept for the larger portion of the flight from BOM – check.
Visit Borders books at Heathrow – check.
Wasted time at Heathrow – check.
Had super bad coffee at Starbucks – unchecked.
Landed at BOS – check.
Weather is humid – check.
Hotter than PNQ – check.
Got taxi easily – check.
Card maxed out – check.
Put pictures up on flickr – check.
TZ adjustment in progress – check.