Pottering around the house

I forgot to mention that I managed to locate a house in Rabindranath Tagore Nagar (or rather Ganganagar extension) which runab came down and set up. Nowadays, the slob in me has gone into deep sleep and a fusspot seems to have emerged. So the floors are swept regularly, swabbed/mopped, the kitchen is just so, the washing is on schedule. No piled up waste and certainly nothing that gives the appearance of the house being not in order. Strange what living alone and far from family can do to you. Even shopping has become a sort of ritual with proper planning and the works.

One of these days I plan to put up the recipes I use for my daily cooking – one of these days 🙂

What’s Your True Color?

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Only the paranoid survive

Got into (re)reading the book simply because a long time associate raah-raah-ed about it while talking about Strategic Inflection Points which in a manner of speaking would not be different from Tipping Points. And I still don’t understand as to what made the book a runaway success that it was. The next bit of reading that I have stocked up is The Argumentative Indian which I guess from a cursory glance a plod. Some books are best read online through hyperlinks rather than a laundry list of references…

So what keeps me busy ?

Hmm…read a few books of late and for a change they have been good enough for a repeat read. These include The Kite Runner – a very nice book not because of the simplicity of the writing but because the imagery is vivid enough to make you think. There is an official site here. Lance Armstrong has been a fascinating character for all – the allegations of doping notwithstanding so when I got a chance to read this I thought it was worth plodding through it to understand as to what keeps a person ticking. And finally Thrity Umrigar’s The Space Between Us – well written narrative with the right touch of introspection that makes a book worth a second and perhaps a third read. If you like a sweeping narrative tinged with a hint of poignancy I recommend that you read The Kite Runner and The Space Between Us.

Currently have The Bhagvad Gita by Bibek Debroy at hand to read through