If only …

Until a week back I was consumed with the notion of “If only I had a clean run of 10 days to myself where I’d just go someplace where I can sleep, eat, walk and sleep again at my pace”. It was a glorious utopian craving. And, it was never to be. When you have a product release around your neck, anything seems unreasonable and everything appears wishful thinking. That’s precisely what it is.

I realized that I am too selfish and self-centred to be able to tear myself away from what I do and, actually just let-be. Which is a somewhat pathetic excuse for what life has become. A spate of night-outs have resulted in my sleeping patterns get disrupted beyond any sane boundaries. And, to top it all, I ‘dream’ in my sleep. Annoying because I’ve not actually had a proper dream in ages now. The brain isn’t switching off.
There’s this other part too – an attempt to question oneself as to whether all this workaholism was worth it. What exactly did I achieve …

Love, Sex Aur Dhoka / LSD : an intended acronym ?

To begin with I am in doubt whether I am going to watch another movie at the Fame mall at Fatimanagar. It has shabby parking, shabbier mall and not to mention that they have an odd counter at the theatre – they don’t sell bottled water. That should go down as the lamest way to retail soft drinks.

The movie is somewhat harshly reviewed here. It is kitschy and bold but the length probably did it in. The other fact could be Dibakar Banerjee’s earlier movie having that everyman sarcasm which is replaced by a jarring reality TV in-your-face way of visualizing scene. I read somewhere the director mentioning being fascinated with the sound of the (in)famous “Mysore Mallige”. If one listens in to the movie one can find that.

There is not much to say about the acting. The characters speak “real” lines and, explode in short snappy retorts. There is enough care taken to put across the “reality” aspect of the plot and that should be appreciated. It isn’t an easy thing to do and, greater names have faltered at that.

It is good for a single watch. Don’t expect great things out of it. And, although everyone seems to be talking about “twists” – the tale isn’t twisted and, it plays on the basic instinct of a generation that doesn’t seem to flinch at anything.

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