Good food, good prices

There’s this new place called “Marrakesh” that has opened up near our current residence. So yesterday evening, runab, ramkrsna and myself went to check out what it is all about. Touted to be a “middle eastern eating experience” there are items on the menu that no self respecting middle eastern eatery would dare to have. However, they do make it up in terms of food quality. They have seating arrangements inside in case the outside patio seating does not appeal to you in these days of rain.

So, we ordered : Chicken Shawrma, Lamb Shawrma and Vegetarian Falafel as starters and by all accounts these were nicely done and in my case (the lamb) adequately spiced. Next came Rogan Josh, Kulcha and Roomali Roti along with Chicken Shawrma in open plate. Total cost per head came to less than 200 INR. We skipped the tea this time but plan to indulge in that. The food is pretty good – the drinking water though tastes kind of sweet – perhaps that’s partly due to what ramkrsna calls “drinking water in candle stands” . No clue if they do home delivery though.

When meaning becomes lost in transit …

लिनुस टॉरवाल्ड्स : ‘माइक्रोसॉफ्ट और लिनक्स के बीच डर और नफ़रत के बजाए सम्मान हो’ from here while the English has Linus Torvalds: I Have Never Really Talked To Microsoft!

Not just a good place to lunch…

runab took me out to lunch at Not Just Jazz By the Bay. The Times Food Guide Pune 2007 (p176) gives it a 3.5 on service and lists it as “Pick of the Guide: Night Life under Best Bars”. Honest truth. They should stick to nightlife. The lunch buffet (in spite of what the Times Guide says) sucks big time in variety – if you have unlimited salads then at least you need to have a variety in salads – it was not there. The music is much too loud to make it a cosy comfortable place to chat, unless your version of chat involves bending forward and hollering over the music. The decor is fairly tolerable if only they could have made the temperature a little bearable. We tried mocktails – which were good. The Dijon Chicken I had could have done with a more stronger hint of mustard (heh, when it’s mustard you don’t really want to be subtle). runab had a nice dish. The service is goofy though. They insist on pushing you to the buffet going to the extent of making it clear that it will take 30+ minutes for your lunch order to turn up. The most annoying thing was that ensuring that the table had glasses of drinking water took them till the end of the meal to figure out.

All in all, 2.0 on service, 2.5 on decor, 1.5 on music and 3.5 on food.