A shift

Shifted residences at Pune. Umm…no make it participated in the shift of residence. Without Jatin’s dollops of help and oodles of support this would have been really impossible. Would not have asked for a better pal – dinner for him is on me. 🙂

AirTel Hell

There’s no better way to write about this. For the past 3 months AirTel has not been sending me the copies of the bill for my GSM connection rather sending through the amount only on SMS. Additionally, the password for my login seems to have changed inexplicably with the forget password not really mailing me anything (and no it is not hitting any of my SPAM traps). So I decided to call them up and fun started.

To begin with, the ticket number is 9783960.

Now AirTel tells me that the bills have been delivered to my neighbour Pratibha 🙂 Wow, the bills are actually received at the office address and we don’t have anyone named Pratibha at the office. So I asked the consolidated bills on e-mail and the response was that it will take 12 days for that to happen.

I guess it is time to say bye to AirTel