“I think the smartphone is a radical change,” explains photographer and film maker Henry Jacobson, who curated the exhibition ‘The Space Between: Redefining Public and Personal in Smartphone Photography,’ on display at the Center for Photography at Woodstock (@cpwwpc) through Sept.15, 2014. “The fact that everyone is a photographer has changed the way that everyone thinks about photography. It’s become about the sharing of experience, rather than the sharing of a moment, and that’s something that I think is entirely new.” (Photo by @dannyghitis and @dzalcman — @echosite) See the story on lightbox.time.com

Locked In, Mailam by Ravages

Locks, my old obsession. Find them fascinating and intriguing. A lock presumes something/someone worth protecting, saving. And that is always good to know.

Found at the Mailam temple. We’ve all been there before, haven’t we?

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City Spaces and Strings by TGKW

I was recently commissioned by The Scottish Ensemble to document their upcoming, site-specific concert 20th Century Perspectives: City Spaces and Strings. It will take place in an impressive, disused secret city centre location which I visited last month. In many ways, it was a return to my photographic roots: while I’ve always been interested in photographing people, I sharpened my eyes when I was younger by paying attention to shapes, forms and abstract details in a way that I haven’t for years. To be commissioned to do that, to look again at empty spaces, was an enlightening and rewarding experience.

The concert looks set to be a riveting and beautiful immersive experience: even if you have no interest in classical music, I’d encourage you to read the pieces I’ve written about it at scottishensemble.wordpress.com/ and consider getting yourself a ticket.

Glasgow, 2014.

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