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When I was young a constant complaint that I had was that the weekends just rushed by. I could never have enough of them and, although I wasn’t a typical Monday-morning-blues-at-school kind of chap, I always wished that I could have weekends where I do what I like.

In a way, I had a feeling that once I “grow up”, those weekends would be mine.

How intelligent.

It was a while before I realized that weekends are never meant to be a time to unwind. By the time it is Thursday, there are a thousand and one things lined up and, doing anything else is just “GTD”. For the greater part of the past decade I don’t recall more than 5 weekend where I just did nothing. Where nothing means just that – nothing. Why do weekends just rush by ?

Yesterday, I went to Mumbai for the PhotoFair. Well, I drove down. That’s a big thing really because as much as I enjoy driving, the “physical” side of it sometimes gets to me – the need to be constantly aware of idiots-on-wheels and, the need to be alert. But in the end, it turned out to be a nice time punctuated by some hilarious mishaps with the MapMyIndia GPS device that I had borrowed (from my boss no less). The lady on the device kept on insisting that we get off the Express Highway and, use the NH4 going to the extent of suggesting a U-Turn to go back to Mumbai (and, perhaps start over again ?). Got my taste of Mumbai traffic in lanes around Jogeshwari and, more importantly, go to know a lot about “commercial photography” side of things. For example, the number of Indian software firms engaged in developing softwares for commercial photographers allowing them to optimize their wedding and event photographs is huge. And, they had stalls all over the place at the PhotoFair. And, as a dabbler, it is always good to overhear how folks select equipment – tripods, lights and so on. The PhotoFair by itself reminded me of ChandiMela though – too much of hustle and bustle. I guess I had anticipated a demure “TradeExpo” like atmosphere punctuated by some scheduled event management. In the queue, I overheard folks from parts of Western India who mark the event in their calendar to come down and hob-nob. Folks from Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jalgaon and, many other places. And, their annoyance with the “branded” folks like Kodak and so forth who don’t provide service to these areas. And, these folks are making good money with their diaries booked to the hilt with wedding photography sessions. Nice stuff.

Guess what I feel now ?

When I “retire”, I’d have the weekends to myself.

Smart chap aren’t I ?