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At the Temple Pond of Bhoga Nandeeshwara, of which you may not have heard much.. by Anoop Negi

Most temples in South India and I guess elsewhere in India have a sacred water pond where ritual cleansing for the devotees or the priests or the deity itself would take place.

Some lying at higher elevations would be the alleged source of rivers and have some mythical tales of epic Hindu deities etc. figuring prominently in some fable or the other.

The "Shringi Theertha" – the temple pond is large and has steps on all four sides. The Bhoginandishwara temple is situated not too far from Bangalore and it was initially built in the 9th century AD.

This pond as per popular legend is supposed to be the source of the South Pennar river and was made when the divine bull Nandi plunged his horn into the earth here.

The day I was there, not too many seekers of divine bliss and fertility were to be found at the temple complex. In the pond area a mother from Andhra Pradesh was bathing her daughter in the holy water after getting her hair shaved off as a part of routine Hindu tradition.

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HS_20150413_1808_8522 by Harshad Sharma

Property investors struck a pot of gold, eh?

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