Docs on a plane

A little while back I had written about mayhem. This is another along the same lines.

and me took a Jet Airways flight 9W 102 to Kolkata (CCU). As it happened, we saw (and heard) a bunch of doctors speaking Bengali at around the baggage check-in. Turns out that all of them were attending the IRACON 2008 at Pune. And, I was muttering to myself about the chance of this happening to us. The real fun was looking at how the docs were more like 3 year old kids with lollipops in side of the airport. Arguing with the ticketing assistants, creating ruckus at the reservations desk, being muddled at the security check in procedures. But mostly, the sheer abandon with which they spoke loudly into their cell phones all the while trampling over toes and stuff was hilarious.

The icing on the cake was when the good doctor sitting next to me decided to claim that he did not receive candies and got the cabin crew to get him two bags of the stuff. Priceless.

Conversation of the day (that day) : মা, বম্বে এসে গেছি। কিছু বলার নেই। গিয়ে খাব। Which if somewhat ill translated becomes “Mom, reached Bombay. Nothing more to tell. Shall eat when I return.” – when the plan stopped over at BOM on the CCU leg.


Cups, clutter and camera

The link to the picture is here.

There is too much within the frame. But in spite of the overloaded ambience of the picture, the stark whiteness of the cup provides a luminiscent off-set to the dark expressive nature of the eyes. There is just that hint of smile that makes this picture a repeat visit worthy.

Commonly uncommon

The link to the photo is here.

Soldering Iron holder.

As the note says it is cropped and photo-edit (Gimp for the win !!). Besides all of that, what makes this special is the fact that this is an article of everyday use. Well, nearly everyday use for folks who need to use it. And only an eye for detail would be able to appreciate how the color changes the texture of the photo. There is less of an element of ‘liquid’ and more of the shiny fluidity and hence beauty. Metallic rigidity replaced by a flowing texture.

A look at life – lived, loved and longed for.

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