Breakfast on a Sunday

Sweet Dish ... yummy


Finally …

I read these books from my mother’s collection long long ago.My mother is another one who consumes books. At last I have a copy of my own.

I also got these three books of Cornelius Ryan.

A sad picture indeed

Today’s Anandabazaar Patrika (আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা) contained a picture of a group of party workers from one of the allies of the ruling party blocking the way of an ambulance in the name of a “bandh”. Sad times indeed in the city where I was born.

Don’t they sell study tables any more ?

Seriously. Don’t they sell study tables any more ? and me went to Ishanya today with the intention of purchasing a study table. Not a single one that can be called a study table and not a computer table. Umm… don’t folks have study tables any more ?

And since we were there, we went to the Croma store as well to check out the Asus Eee PC. The lovely looking unit in black was on display but strangely the person attending to it was telling everybody that “you can install XP on this as well” – he wasn’t to be blamed though since the manual has an extensive section on how to install XP on it. It is light on the hands, the keyboard is a bit cramped, it seems to heat up fairly fast and I did not like the battery bulge. At 18,000 INR, it is a bit too pricey as well given the usage model it aims to address. Asus has in a way put its sights on a category which generally does not get to use a full fledged desktop PC due to purchasing power disparity but it would be interesting to see which is the segment which ends up buying the unit.

A look at life – lived, loved and longed for.

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