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Y’day I caught a snippet of the show “Koffee with Karan” where Shilpa Shetty was holding forth on how shocked she was at the tabloid journalism of the Indian press (compared to the British) vis-a-vis her presence on “Big Brother”. One line of her’s did get my attention when she said “[…] and here I was representing India” – now last I checked reality TV shows were not like some national events. Individuals participate in them in order to make a nice pot of money (nothing wrong in that) and it so happens that these individuals are nationals of some country. Since when did this tenuous connection equate with “representing the country” ? This is the kind of air-headed jingoism that prevails and strangely is encouraged.


I suck – big time I might add

I am sick and I know it. And that precise point makes me more sick – knowing what the cause is yet being unable to (or perhaps unwilling to) do a remedy. I have not taken a proper “vacation” for the past 4 years now, not really taken a week off where I really really sleep – and the daily chaos is taking its toll. For a week now the head or rather the brain feels like it is going to explode or pop out of the head and if I could keep it outside my skull for a moment it would be a good thing to do. This sucks…

A touch of lord-knows-what

These days friends have often commented that I’m short tempered and in a hurry to close meandering conversations. Having observed myself for over a week now, I’d rather agree with them. I simply don’t (seem to ?) have the time and patience to sit through conversations which are immediately obviously not going anywhere. Feels like time is being wasted.

Gaadi nikalo … Take a chance baby !!

If you have watched Life in a Metro the line and the context would be obvious to you. If not never mind the line and wonder how many times you have decided against doing an activity only because you did not feel the need to take a chance. Not taking a chance is more of a reaction related to not feeling the need to get out of the comfort zone. We feel comforted in spaces we know, the surroundings we recognize and the people we know. Getting out of such proximity with the “known” requires a level of self confidence and self awareness that most folks don’t want to reach into. Moving out can take many forms: relocating to a new place, changing a job, taking on a new role in job or profession, trying a new activity, figuring out what to do and expect from life, taking a decision professionally or personally. These days I end up meeting more and more young folks who are not ready to take a chance. “Taking a chance” does not mean closing one’s eyes and taking a leap – it means arriving at a decision after a logical evaluation from thereon moving on to take a new challenge. And I really cannot comprehend the reason why they don’t want to take a chance…

Belated blogging

A random collection of blog entries which should have been done earlier.

  • On the 19th of this month, runab took me to watch Life in a Metro. Nice movie which would perhaps be unfortunately be tagged as those “alternate movies”. I kind of liked the characters played by Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma. The latter is far better than her mother. The rest of the characters were either sketchily etched or hammed their lines (and that includes Shilpa Shetty). Overall, a nice movie to spend time at.
  • Visited Reliance Fresh” over the weekend it was not too fresh an experience. Cramped alleyways and no means of crowd control. Major mess. They ought to get their act right if they want to have repeat customers
  • Yo! China has revised its menu and effectively killed the “lunch crowd” with the goofy price structure. The Mini Combos are out and the Single Combos have undergone a severe trim – not a good place to go to any more

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