My outdoor “office” in the Himalayas of Sarmoli 😍 When I gave my one month notice at my corporate job in Singapore all those years ago, my plan was to work with a social enterprise in India that would enable me to travel in remote parts of the country. But the more I travelled, the more I realized that it was the fleeting encounters, the changing horizons and the unpredictability of the road that I really wanted – and that my love for writing and social media could potentially lead to something financially sustainable. I started writing for any publication that would take my writing – and ultimately got my stories published in BBC Travel and National Geographic Traveller. I consulted tourism boards and travel companies on their social media strategy. And slowly I moved my focus to my own blog. Today, I make nearly 90% of my income directly or indirectly through my blog. How? See the link in my bio to know exactly how I’m funding my adventures through travel blogging. And you, what is something you love doing that you dream of making a living from?


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