Photo by Jeff Gusky @hiddenwwi | What does it mean to fire literally millions and millions of canon shells during war? One answer can be found when walking through forests along the former Western Front of WWI. One still finds live high explosive canon shells lying on the ground when you least expect it. In my explorations of the Western Front this has happened so many times that it almost seems commonplace. I was walking through a forest on the Verdun battlefield on a rainy December day several years ago and stumbled onto this live shell. It was either a faulty round that didnt explode on impact or it was simply left in place at the end of WWI a century ago. To view more of my photographs of The Hidden World of WWI please visit @hiddenwwi. #wwi #history #photooftheday #picoftheday #instadaily #photo #igdaily #fineart #blackwhitephotography #instaart #hidden #secret #art #classic #igers #hiddenwwi #thephotosociety #memory #remember #nofilter #historyfeed #militaryhistory #france

by thephotosociety

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