🎭 • I’ve found that the saddest people are also the funniest and only those who understand complexity can communicate simplicity. • This is a man only wish to be known as ‘Dave.’ • • 👁 👁 • “I was a circus clown (performer) from Kansas,” he stated in perhaps the most saddest and un-convincing manner in describing a person who once was a professional harbinger of joy, while his eyes darted downward in the concrete where he and his wife lived for the past 8 months, almost like he was delivering a passage in a eulogy for a departed loved one. • Reminiscing the last embers of perhaps what once was a vibrant existence, He and his ultra-shy but sweet wife now ‘bounce around’ wherever they can within the confines of sunny San Diego, California. • • • • ⚪️💀 • • #weareallhuman #everydayeverywhere 🕊

by undocumentarian http://ift.tt/1XALzyA

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