“From straight above, the man-made subjects appear as tiny puzzle pieces of a bigger planet.” • The idea first came to Japanese #photographer Michael Hitoshi while on a flight from Nice to Paris, watching the city lights come on as the sun was setting. “The natural #light, merging with the artificial structures, inspired a desire to go up in the air and capture it.” The only obstacle – Hitoshi suffers from Vertigo. He ultimately decided it was important enough for him to fight it and push his visual comfort zone. “It’s a combination of two things: The magical, ephemeral moment of the #city at #twilight combined with the direct, straight down #birdseye view creates an emotional connection with human life. When capturing a city’s buildings, airport or #highways, they look like blood vessels or neurons, and I can’t stop imagining that I’m looking deep into the human body.”• Image: Ariel view of Honmokufuto Yokohama at night. | #📷: Michael H. | 160895598 | #GettyImages #GettyCreative #lookingdown #fromabove #aerial #helicopter #photooftheday

by gettyimages http://ift.tt/1PJkJDs

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