#30DaysofAnotherIndia I’ve been thinking of a long term project for Instagram for a while now. I still haven’t come up with a perfect one but I’d like to share another side of India that I’ve seen during my travels to begin with. For the longest time, I shied away from traveling in India because popular culture led me to believe India is all about religions, festivals, sadhus and cows. None of which interest me as a photographer or traveler. Only when I started traveling in 2008, I discovered India’s silent places. Places full of character yet devoid of the crowd that has become synonymous with our country. In my quest my avoid throngs of people as much as possible, I started straying away as far as possible from the mainstream and thus began my journey to discover another India, one whose profile changed like traffic signals on a busy intersection! In this 30 part series, I’ll profile some of the most stunning and offbeat places I’ve come across during my travels. And I choose to showcase them all in Black & White so we can focus on the magic of the place rather than the merit of the picture. ☺ Image #1 #30DaysofAnotherIndia Pushkarani at Hampi. My first tryst with stepwells was in 2010 in Rajasthan and Gujarat when I inadvertently stumbled upon an ancient stepwell in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. I was aware of Chand Baori by then but always thought it was an exception rather than a rule. However, a quick research told me stepwells were popular all over the northern part of the country. 2 years later when I stumbled upon this gorgeous stepwell at Hampi was when I realized that south India was full of them as well, albeit an alteration of the style and the purpose. Popularly known as Kalyani or Pushkarini, there are more stepwells in south than I can dare to count. From not even being aware of stepwells’ existence to becoming one of my favorite architectural marvels, is how India can surprise you!


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