Expectations are difficult to live up to. Especially when these are self-generated ones. The past year has been a somewhat turbulent one. I have spent countless number of hours trying to figure out what exactly I want or, where I want to take myself. Having started off with no other goal besides “I need to challenge myself to do beyond what I think I can” it does become reasonably difficult from thereon.

How does one deal with self-expectations ? Does one lament and roll around with sadness when they are not met with the robust end results ? Or, does one “take one on the chin” and soldier on ? I have trouble reconciling with either of the paths. And, resetting expectations is so fundamentally wrong. Most of the times we expect to become better folks and, when we do not see the same happening it is somewhat distressing. Thinking over this the entire past week it seems that I haven’t actually made much progress or, at least as much as I’d have liked to make.


One thought on “Expectations”

  1. Ahh. The beautiful feelings which come to the surface only under the light of a calm Sunday.

    I have a similar challenges when dealing with unmet goals of mine. I tend to work hard in the heat of the battle but then, after the smoke comes down, sometimes I do get a bit sad if I could have done better.

    I think the fabric of life itself makes ‘constant progress’ a kind of oxymoron. I’m sure this is translated in many ways in different languages, cultures and fairy tales. “Without the bitter, the sweet ain’t a sweet” etc.

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