The experience that is a ‘sale’

Since we had nothing better to do post a delicious lunch (of Khichdi and Pomfret Fry), we went for a stroll around our usual haunt of MG Road.

All the places have this “End of Season Sale – Huge Discounts” banner strung which did prompt the question about which particular season is ending. The only thing we could come up with was that Ganesh Festival is around the corner. Anyways, ‘sale’ season should be the one when Paco Underhill’s Envirosell group should visit various Indian cities. I don’t know much about ‘sale’ in the land of the brave, but I’m sure that there’s more to the sub culture here.

‘Sale’ crowd is a tribe and they have their own cult. There are rules to this game. Particularly, you need to be forming packs. One person would hold the cell phone, the other your bag(s), a few more would be holding a set of clothes you would like to try and there would be that ‘special’ someone who would provide a critical appraisal of the new dress. Without these, it ain’t gonna be a good experience. And oh ! you need elbows – lots of those elbows.

Then of course there’s the adrenaline rush. I saw a person picking up an orange jersey (the rich orange would actually get the coast-guard take a re-look at their safety dresses) just because there was a 1+2 free. The burning question of course is that how much sales do the non-clothes counters do during ‘sale’ season. There’s far too many people to indulge in the subtle over-selling of cosmetics or perfume. The watches counters looked deserted – the boys and girls never did walk over to look at it.

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