An open letter to the editor of the Businessworld magazine

Hi Jehangir,

Your first piece as the editor was nice and the optimism does provide indications of things to come. This letter is intended to re-iterate some small nitpicks which I have been highlighting for long but there has not been much response from the Businessworld team.

  • Make the website compliant with a larger base of browsers. This is an end result of adhering to standards like those mandated by W3C. The website in its current form does not render prettily on Firefox – an open source brower an appears to render considerably differently on Internet Explorer
  • Get a digital version of the magazine out which can be downloaded by subscribers who prefer online versions. I buy the magazine off the newsstand each week but would really love to exchange it for the convenience of a soft copy
  • Fix the issue with subscriptions whereby those who access the site with a login through their corporate VPNs might not be barred from access. Happened in my case since I was using a VPN tunnel through Europe and the site could never figure (and neither could the subscription team) that I was accessing from within India
  • A broader variety of topics in an issue. Issues these days are getting too much specialized with one single item of news


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