Nice movie called Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

Jatin,ramkrsna,runab and yours truly went to watch “Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd” last evening and were laughing ourselves silly. The movie was good enough to be a near laugh riot. Good performances from Boman Irani and Shabana (the worldly wisdom and the comfort level), Raima Sen (she’s playing a character I doubt she has ever experienced in real life), Kay Kay Menon (the quintessential Bengali husband uncomfortable with his own failings and intellectual posturing), Sandhya Mridul (she’s best in the 2nd half) and Amisha Patel (the airhead living in her cloud-cuckoo land). Abhay Deol may turn out to be best one from the Deol production line – he’s smart, carries himself well and is aware of his limitations not to try silly stuff. Between him and Minisha Lamba they were the “uber cool couple”.

Something though was wrong either with the screenplay or there was a massive surgery on the editing table. The characters though unique in their own ways (“all happy families are the same” etc etc) never got built up. So,

  • We never got to understand the craving for a house-of-our-own from Mili (Raima) – unless you are a Bengali that would be pretty difficult or her learning martial arts rather than Rabindrasangeet
  • Sandhya Mridul’s character’s transformation from a very plain person with a specific set of goals to somewhat “forward”
  • The character of Boman Irani’s daughter feeling betrayed at her dad’s second marriage

Whosoever fleshed out the Bengali character here’s hats off to him/her – you did an excellent job. Suggestion – go watch the movie there’s so much more to learn in a marriage and this one does teach stuff very subtly but teach it does and ensures that the message hits home.

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